Brinno at the International Security Show (ISCWest)

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A week ago I was in Las Vegas at ISCWest with the Brinno team. It was a busy three day show with a nonstop crowd of eager people wanting to take in what the Brinno brand had to offer.

There are some exciting things happening with the full product line. The major show announcement was the Brinno Peephole Viewer with Wi-Fi (PHV Wi-Fi).



A prototype was on-site for a fully functional demo. The PHV Wi-Fi allows users to see who is at the door on their phone or mobile device via an app. Someone comes to the door and a push notification with the visitor's image appears in the app whether the user is at home, the store or on vacation. Images are also stored within the viewer and a live picture is displayed for close proximity viewing.

The PHV Wi-Fi is revolutionary within the security industry as it uses the existing peephole with no external sensors.

Chris Adams, the President of Phase 3 Systems (Brinno's North America distributor) was interviewed on multiple podcasts and his team hosted a VIP breakfast.


In other product news, wi-fi is making its way into the Brinno cameras starting with the new TLC 120. This is a small version of the Brinno Pro with built-in wi-fi, Bluetooth control, weatherproof and rechargeable.


Brinno's new panning timelapse base was on display. This is an ingenious Bluetooth app controlled device which works with the full Brinno line, other cameras and even offers an adjustable phone slot.

The Solar Joos Orange solar panel was featured as a solution for long term power needs. The Brinno cameras have unprecedented battery life. Adding a Solar Joos panel will power the camera for a very long time.



The Brinno Construction Camera (BCC100) is now shipping to retailers bundled as a package with the Solar Joos. Available very soon this package will be a great option for users looking for uninterrupted power or installation in remote locations.

Wi-fi was the biggest Brinno buzz at ISC but there are many other exciting things coming in the future.

As a photographer and video creator the Brinno line of cameras has allowed me to capture footage which would have been impossible or cost prohibitive. The low cost, easy to set-up and use Brinno solutions are perfect for hassle free time lapse video production.

ISC was my introduction to the security specific side of Brinno and from the Wi-Fi Peephole Viewer to a standalone camera with 14 months of battery life the Brinno brand holds true, Brilliant Innovation.

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