Branching Out - Other Topics Coming Soon

Until now my blog has primarily devoted to sharing Brinno time lapse information. I do have more to share and I am just going to go for it. Photography, equipment, stock photography, techniques with a bit of randomness tossed in. I will continue to write about Brinno, I just want to branch out and break things up from time to time.


The photo above is a teaser, this is the majority of my studio equipment in one location. There are enough review sites to find all the information you ever wanted to know about cameras and lenses. I have a bunch of other less discussed but equally important goodies and the knowledge of how to use them in most any scenario.

In this shot there are eight studio strobes and three Speedlites simultaneously firing from a radio trigger and me standing in the center. There is enough light potential here to fill an auditorium.

All of this is the result of years of buying equipment, selling what didn't work and keeping the stuff that does and survives what I put it through on a daily basis. I take good care of my equipment but it is well used and I am not afraid of doing what it takes to get the shot whether in a barn, ditch, airplane or studio.

I am a big fan of the Alien Bees line of lighting products, Lastolite's Hi-Lite Background and Cube Lite portable studio, Elinchrom Ranger Quadra light kit, Kessler crane and slider, Pelican cases and more.

Much of what I have is budget friendly, my inexpensive Impact light stands and Impact umbrellas from B&H are great. I have probably gone through 40 of the umbrellas, not because they are cheaply made, rather disposably priced. For $10.00, it doesn't matter if they get painted, covered with mud, etc., it's stuff like this I want to share. I will also be Tweeting tips and updates so follow @BanksPhotos for the latest updates.