Brinno Time Lapse in an Aiplane Cockpit

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I had an opportunity to get a Brinno TLC 200 Pro time lapse camera into a commercial airplane cockpit. Sorting through footage, this was one of my favorite clips, a night approach and landing into Chicago O'hare International Airport. Select 720 using the gear icon on the player for the best quality.

This cilp represents about 20 minutes of flying. The camera was set to shoot ASAP which is about four frames per second. The final version was sped up slightly in iMovie. This was a simple clip to create, either it would work or it wouldn't. I think I lucked out and everything came together for this one.

UPDATES - This video is performing far better than anything I have posted. Below I am going to track the power of social media and provide milestone updates.

12/7/14 - Video posted to YouTube.
24 Hours
- Over 2,000 YouTube views and 200 Facebook shares.
12/12/14 - Over 100,000 YouTube views and 1,300 Facebook shares.

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