Brinno Time Lapse - Weather Resistant Housing

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The Brinno ATH110 or ATH120 weather resistant housings are a must have accessory if you plan a long term time lapse project. I have used both housings through rain and snow without any issues. The housings are not waterproof, however, they are extremely weather resistant and very well built.

The lens cover is very good and will not degrade your video. Unless, you leave the clear plastic protective film on which I have written about earlier.   

One of my favorite features of the housing is the fact you can mount it via the tripod hole and access the camera without disturbing the camera's position. This is crucial for long term projects when batteries need to be changed and you want to download a progression video. There are two clips on the side of the housing, unlatching these allows the front (and the camera) to swing away from the mount. The camera can be removed and replaced in the housing without removing the housing from the mount.

A number of people have asked what rain does to the lens covering. This piece of high grade plastic must have some miracle super coating on it as I have never had an issue with water spots. I have $1,000 professional camera lenses and if water evaporates on them I get spots. With the Brinno housing, water evaporates quickly and leaves no trace. To the right is a short sample of how rain disappears from the housing lens.

The housing would work in other applications where camera protection is necessary. From a dusty industrial setting to spray painting the interior of a house. Regardless of your situation, the housing offers piece of mind and a great mounting platform for your long term project.